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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sorry, Dana

Gosh darn, it, Dana, why'd you have to go and finish those Jaywalkers? Clearly, now that you've actually finished a project, the rest of us are at a loss for new bloggable fodder. How about starting another pair?

Anyway, my apologies for the poem that's not about you, or about Jaywalkers. But, you see, it is about a Knitsmith, and the time was right . . .

Oh Dani girl, the sheep, the sheep are baa-ing
In Irish glens, and down the mountain side.
But summer's here, and knitters all are ahh-ing
At all the colorways you’ve ever dyed.
Please, come ye back to Boston, don’t you know
Our stash is getting dangerously low.
Whether Knitting Sunshine or in shadow
Oh Dani girl, oh Dani girl, we miss you so.

When you come home, your yarn you’ll be a dye-ing
Don’t take a break for soda or iced tea.
For don’t you know, the knitters will be lying
In wait for Sunshine Yarns back on Etsy.